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Mailbag Monday - Snow, Shag & Eleanor Roosevelt’s visa

By James Thomas, 04/19/19, 2:30PM EDT


One cup - information, two cups - the first thing we thought of

  1. Tweet from @jas_bai: “it snowed in charlotte. in april. is that a record?"

They say that April showers bring May flowers, but you’ve never heard anything about what April snow brings, have you? It was 1982, the last time the Queen City experienced this type of weather anomaly, exactly 37 years ago. Just a few months later that year, Survivor released their epic hit “Eye of The Tiger.” Coincidence? Doubt it. *puts on tinfoil hat*




2. Tweet from @BoRoundNRound: “The field at the Sportsplex always looks great. Who’s responsible for that”

You are definitely right on this one. The Sportsplex staff is out there on the reg doing work, and the watering schedule never misses a beat BUT the real brains behind the beauty on game day is our Game Day Manager Rich Posipanko. Rich better known as “Gaffer” is og Charlotte soccer, going back 40 years with about 30 years as the Winthrop head coach. His team bands together to make sure everything in every corner of the field is exactly the same each week to make it routine for the players and coaching staff. He’s a pretty cool guy too, so I think we’ll keep him.

3. Submitted by Jesse Newsom: “For any player or coach from Ireland, England or Scotland: Local culture - "Shagging" here in the Carolinas refers to a dance, especially popular in Myrtle Beach. While you're here in the Carolinas, you might want to consider learning to shag - the dance that is. Lynn's Dance Club (South Boulevard) has lessons.”

Thanks for this Jesse. It’s always important to get these imports introduced to the beauty of Carolina culture. We asked a couple of the UK folks if they were interested in “shag” lessons and the answer is absolutely yes. Here’s the catch: Can you send us a few instructional videos? It’s hard to get in and out of the Dance Club during the season, ya feel?

4. Submitted by Marty Doc for Coach McGuinness: “Has Jim brought his blue whistle with him to Charlotte and has he explained the story of how he came to own it?"

Marty, that is a good question. We really enjoyed getting the backstory about the blue whistle from Coach McGuinness. Said whistle is currently on display at the GAA museum, but for those of you who don’t know...this whistle is very near and dear to Coach’s heart. Back when he was a wee lad and was starting out his Gaelic Football coaching career, one of his heroes and mentors came up to him with the whistle and said “I think you could be a really good coach.” He told Jim to “keep it secret, keep it safe” in similar words, and it was a part of his time as he continued to win matches and make a name for himself as the awesome coach that he is.

5. Submitted by Richard Parking: “Why is the Wednesday Wisdom segment not quotes/wisdom from players/coaches or ones that that the players/coaches draw from? Seems like Google has been doing most of the work.”

First of all, you don’t know that some of the quotes aren’t from players. Maybe Eleanor Roosevelt’s visa hasn’t cleared, yet? Only time will tell.

Secondly, it shouldn’t *seem* like Google is doing most of the work. Let’s be clear, Google is doing most of the work. Although, the thought of Marcus Aurelius hanging around the Independence office watercooler dropping some dope wisdom quotes is intriguing.



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