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We Are CLT - Mark Baranowski

By James Thomas, 05/08/17, 5:00PM EDT


As the gameday poster designer for the New York Red Bulls II game, Mark Baranowski is an intriguing figure in local Charlotte arts.

Mark had to adjust to the Southern hospitality culture of Charlotte when moving from Buffalo, New York. At first, he got a lot of “Yankee this” and “Yankee that,” but since 1996, the local artist has called the Queen City his home.

“It's great that this area has grown up so quickly and become so diverse,” said Baranowski. “I love this city, I love the people.”

Mark Baranowski is the New York Red Bull II gameday poster designer. He is a partner at On Mark Productions, where he works in many different artistic mediums including various types of music, creative writings, and as an independent filmmaker.

“Since as far back as I could write my name, I've been drawing. It's always been a big part of my life to some extent,” said Baranowski. “Early on I pretty much focused on charcoal drawings. That's how I got hooked up with the Charlotte Arts & Science Council and began meeting other local artists.” 

Baranowski soon submitted his work to the Charlotte ArtPop Street Gallery. His piece was selected as one of five finalists to be potentially featured on a billboard, but narrowly missed out on the fan vote.   

“In the past year or so, I got into photography and digital art,” said Baranowski. “I enjoy the digital arts and it's proven to be a lot more rewarding.”

Mark noted that it was a happy coincidence that he designed the gameday poster for the match versus New York, being a former resident of the area. He just happened to have free time the week prior due to a spider bite which sidelined him.

“Unfortunately, it wasn't radioactive,” said Baranowski. “I can't sling webs, climb walls or anything yet, but being laid-up for a couple days, I had some extra time.”

Baranowski moved to the Charlotte area because he couldn’t take another New York winter and was jealous of the weather his father was enjoying.

“It was January and he's saying how he's sitting out on his patio in a t-shirt while we're up there freezing, buried under three feet of snow,” said Baranowski. “I wanted to get away from the snow, I couldn't take it any more!”

Now, the Charlotte artist likes to visit Levine Museum of the New South, Discovery Place and the McDowell Nature Preserve. Baranowski’s recommendations include catching movies at Carolina Pavilion or live shows at the Visulite Theater. 

“I'm a movie guy,” said Baranowski. “When I do have free time, I especially like to see movies and live shows.” 

If you would like to check out some Mark Bananowski’s work, please visit You can also contact Mark via email (, Twitter (@OnMarkProds), and Facebook (


Gameday Posters

In a celebration of our fan’s creativity, we want you to make our home gameday posters! Be as creative as you want and put some thought into your design. Your design will be displayed on the Independence homepage, social media channels and We Are CLT page. It’s not a requirement, but you can also submit a corresponding explanation of your design and what inspired your design.   

If you would like to create a gameday poster, please email James Thomas at There are only 16 home games, so sign-ups will be on a first come, first serve basis. Designs must be submitted a week prior to gameday.  Submitted designs must be the following requirements: 8.5″x11″ at 300dpi, in high resolution .JPG or .PNG format.