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Supporters Groups

Jack's Militia

Jack’s Militia (@JacksMilitia) is an independent, fan-run supporters group of the Charlotte Independence. Our passion lies deep within the realms of soccer within the city and from throughout the country. Jack’s Militia believes in the game day soccer experience. From the pubs and parking lots to the bleachers, we believe in having a good time with anyone and everyone around. Members of The Militia should be prepared to sing, chant and show their passion for soccer in Charlotte during events.

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QC Royals

The Queen City Royals (@QC_Royals) are an independent, fan-run supporters group that can be found at every game wearing Charlotte’s colors of Teal and Purple. Aside from the colors we wear, we also create colorful banter, songs and banners about both Independence players and the opposition. We live by pure homemade support for the team we love. Whether it’s eating at tailgates, drumming a beat, or traveling to away games, come party — the Royals Way!

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Slogic Army

The Slogic Army (@SlogicArmy) is an independent, fan-run supporters group that is inspired by their love of the gentle giant, and retired alumni, Patrick SLOGIC. The group can be heard at every Independence game yelling “SHOOOOOT!” when Enzo Martinez touches the ball because he scores when he wants. Created by a group of soccer-loving students, the Slogic Army believes in creating a fun, exciting environment at the Sportsplex at Matthews.  The Army can be found chanting at every game cheering on Charlotte. Come join and #PackThePlex. We’re going up, we’re going up, with Patrick Slogic we’re going up!!!

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